Are you ready to use technology to make a difference? Join us for "Tech for Good: Build a Better World with AI" – a series of workshops and a hackathon dedicated to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for social good.

What to Expect:

May 18 - Workshop #01 - Build Your Multilingual Support Bot with RAG

May 30 - Workshop #02 - Samaaja: FOSS for Citizen Empowerment and Engagement

Jun 7 - Workshop #03 - Hands-On with Computer Vision & Gestures

June 15-16 Hackathon: Put your knowledge into practice! Collaborate with like-minded individuals to develop AI-driven solutions that tackle real-world challenges in the following areas:

AI for Language Inclusion

AI for Empowerment

AI for Bridging Divides

Register for the hackathon 

Tech for Good 2023

Why Participate:

Make an Impact: Contribute your skills to create positive change.

Learn and Grow: Expand your AI knowledge and build your project portfolio.

Network: Connect with passionate technologists, mentors, and potential collaborators.

Recognition and Support: Top solutions will be recognized and supported for further development.

Join us in building a better world, one line of code at a time!