Problem Statements

AI for Language Inclusion

This theme emphasizes breaking down language barriers and making information or content accessible to a wider audience.

Potential projects: Real-time translation tools, language learning aids, inclusive content creation.

BHASHINI-Powered Academic Collaboration Assistant

Description: Build an AI-driven digital assistant that leverages the BHASHINI platform to seamlessly translate academic discussions and lectures in real-time between diverse regional languages. The assistant should focus on capturing intent, sentiment, and cultural nuances within educational contexts to foster collaboration and understanding.

Desired Outcome: Real-time, context-rich translation of academic interactions across regional languages in India, preserving the essence of the educational exchange.

Multilingual EdTech Support Bot

Description: Develop an AI-powered chatbot, potentially integrating with BHASHINI where applicable, that offers multilingual support for students and educators using EdTech platforms. The chatbot will translate educational jargon, technical queries, and user concerns in real-time, ensuring a smooth and inclusive learning experience.

Desired Outcome: Accurate, multilingual EdTech support that understands educational language and responds to user needs across regional languages in India.

AI for Empowerment

This theme focuses on using AI to equip individuals and communities with tools for self-advocacy, participation, and problem-solving.

Potential projects: Citizen engagement platforms, data visualization for community needs, assistive technologies.

Enhancing Citizen Engagement with the Samaaja Platform

Description: Participants will contribute to the development and customization of the FOSS platform Samaaja, enhancing its ability to empower citizen-driven problem-solving. Focus areas include user profiles, badging systems, and integrations with existing communication tools (e.g., Glific chatbot).

Desired Outcome: Improved Samaaja platform features that increase citizen participation in data-driven decision-making and local issue resolution.

AI for Bridging Divides

This theme centers on using AI to improve communication and understanding between diverse groups, fostering inclusivity.

Potential projects: Sign language interpreters, bias reduction in AI models, tools for cross-cultural understanding.

Real-time, Inclusive Sign Language Interpretation

Description: Design an AI-powered system that accurately interprets sign language into spoken language and/or text in real-time. The solution aims to bridge the communication gap for the deaf and hard of hearing community, enabling access to diverse content such as movies, sporting events, and more.

Desired Outcome: A highly accurate sign language interpreter that enables wider access to media, events, and communication for the deaf community.