An Open Invitation to Transform Coimbatore with AI

Dear Communities, Organizations, Problem Solvers, NGOs, Non-Profits, and Governmental Partners,

We believe Coimbatore has the potential to be a shining example of how technology, specifically AI, can drive positive change in our city.  But to turn this vision into reality,  we need your help!  This year's Tech for Good, aligned with the global Build with AI initiative, seeks to harness the power of collaboration to develop transformative solutions.

We invite you to participate in two key ways:

1. Submit Your Challenges

Are you facing issues in your community that could benefit from innovative technological solutions?

Do you see opportunities to improve traffic flow, optimize waste management, enhance public safety, or address other pressing needs with the help of AI?

Submit your problem statements below!

2. Become a Collaborative Partner

Are you an organization passionate about using AI to make a difference?

Can you provide mentorship, resources, data, or environments to test the solutions developed during our event?

Join us as a collaborative partner and help shape the future of Coimbatore!

What to Expect: Tech for Good

Inspiring Talks: Discover the potential of AI and its real-world applications for Coimbatore.

Hands-on Workshops: Build your AI skills and get the tools to create impactful solutions.

Grand Hackathon Finale: Watch as teams bring their AI-powered ideas to life, tackling the challenges you've submitted.

Together, let's build a brighter, tech-driven future for Coimbatore.  Your participation is the key to making it happen!


The Tech for Good Team

Any queries drop us an email