July 2023

Workshop Tech Talk Hackathon

Sat, 01 - Launch & Workshop

Keynote - Coimbatore and Innovation
(30 min)

Launch Ceremony (30 min)

Workshop - AI as your pair programmer.

Sun, 02

Mon, 03

Tue, 04

Wed, 05 - Executing a Seamless Digital Product Heist - Sanju  S
Online Live Session

This talk is themed around the series "Money Heist," but don't get alarmed; this is not about robbing the bank but building digital products with a plan.

Understanding the Target

Assembling the Dream Team

Crafting the Masterplan

Leveraging Technology for Success

Managing Risks and Challenges

Bringing the Plan to Life

Post-Launch Strategies

Thu, 06 - The Anatomy of the Problem Space - Sudhakar Damodaraswamy
Online Live Session

I hope to have an organic discussion on the idea of a 'problem' with the intent to trigger individual reflections on the whole aspect of problems, solutions, and creativity, as a hopeful precursor to pursuing their own learning journey in the area of problem-solving.

Fri, 07 - Storytelling for Wowsome Pitches - Pradeep Yuvaraj
Online Live Session

How to leverage the power of the world's oldest management technique - storytelling, to pitch anything. Convince. Move. Impress. Inspire. Motivate. Act.

Sat, 08 
IoT Workshop - Thiruppathi Krishnan
Problem Statement Mentoring Lounge
In-person Workshop

IoT - Get hands-on with sensors and embedded programming
Get your clarifications on problem statements.  

The participating teams are expected to submit their problem statement and the final team.

Mon, 10

Tue, 11 - Remote Sensing & AI for Municipal Administration - Prabakaran Chandran
Online Live Session

How technologies like Remote Sensing and AI can be used in administration of municipal corporation.

Wed, 12 - Flutter 3.10 and Firebase PaLM Extension - Dhanush Vardhan
Online Live Session

Discover the latest features in Flutter 3.10 and explore how Firebase PaLM Extension enables efficient integration of machine learning models into Flutter apps

Thu, 13 - Unleashing Creativity: The Art of Prototyping - Vidhunnan Murugan
Online Live Session

Discover the powerful impact of prototyping in driving innovation, iteration, and user-centred design. Explore a variety of effective prototyping techniques, ranging from low to high fidelity, and understand the crucial role of user testing in refining your strategies. Uncover a diverse range of prototyping tools and their unique features, empowering you to select the right tools for your needs. Gain insights into leveraging prototyping as a catalyst for impactful and iterative design solutions. Moreover, dive into the world of Figma as a simple and logical prototyping tool, and learn how to maximize its potential in your design process.

Fri, 14 - Emerging blockchain solutions and the potential future of the space - Angad Maniyambath
Online Live Session

Emerging blockchain solutions around the world — a discussion on how blockchain technology is being leveraged to solve systemic problems with accountability, transparency and the potential in the future of the space.

Sat, 15 - AI  Workshop - Navaneeth Malingan & Solution Mentoring
In-person Workshop

Mentoring Lounge

Sun 16

Mon, 17 - Breaking Boundaries: Revolutionizing Computer Vision with Self-Supervised Learning - Muskaan Chopra
Online Live Session RSVP

Self-supervised learning (SSL) is a rapidly growing field in computer vision that has the potential to revolutionize the way we train computer vision models. SSL methods allow us to train models on large amounts of unlabeled data, which can be much more cost-effective than traditional supervised learning methods that require labeled data.

In this session, we will discuss the basics of SSL and how it can be used to train computer vision models. We will then focus on Dino v2, a state-of-the-art SSL method that has achieved impressive results on a variety of computer vision tasks.

We will discuss the following topics:

The basics of self-supervised learning

The Dino v2 algorithm

The benefits of using Dino v2

Applications of Dino v2

Tue, 18 - Inclusive Mobile App experiences - Bharath Raj Kumar
Online Live Session RSVP

Learn about role of accessibility in mobile apps and ensure your apps are inclusive, empowering all the users to engage seamlessly.

Wed, 19 -  Payments 2.0: Revolutionising the way to Pay - Namrata More

Online Live Session RSVP

Growth of payment eco-system in India in last one decade has been tremendous and revolutionary from complete cash transactions to UPI usage door-to-door. When we accept a new technology, we are always curious to know what exactly happens in it. 

What exactly happens when we pay? A simple question right? Let's try to understand it!

Thu, 20 - Video Segmentation - Concepts and its applications - Mitali Sodhi 

Online Live Session RSVP

Fri, 21

Sat, 22 - Infra Workshop - Gokul Karthick & Mentoring
In-person Workshop RSVP

Infrastructure Workshop
Mentoring Lounge

Sun, 23

Mon 24 - Video Content Analysis - Dr Sowmya Rasipuram

Online Live Session

Tue, 25

Wed, 26

Thu, 27

Fri, 28

Sat, 29 - Pitch and Demo

You will be presenting your final solution and demo of the PoC to the mentors and judges.

Sun, 30 - Showcase & Closing Ceremony

Top solutions will be presented to the authorities for validation and implemenation in real life.

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